Summer Superdraw!

Draw Date: 5 July 2024

WIN £500 and a luxury hamper worth £100!

A chance to WIN our Rollover Jackpot*!

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Only £1 to enter Summer Superdraw
Every chance you buy will help fund vital research for children. It’s win win!
Lottery Prizes

Play our Summer Superdraw and
you could WIN £500 and a luxury hamper!

Draw date: 5 July 2024.

• Only £1 a chance!

• 30 x £5 runner up prizes

• Plus a chance to WIN up to £600 in our Rollover Jackpot*

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Free Gift Draw!

For every 12 entries you purchase we’ll give you an extra chance
of winning a mini hamper in our Free Gift Draw!

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70th Anniversary Superdraw Winner

“I support Action because I believe the work they do makes a huge difference to children. As a mother of 3 myself I will always do my small part to help where I can. The prizes are honestly an added bonus and I for one was so grateful for the £500 and luxury hamper!”

Nikki from Brentwood, was on her way to her hen weekend when she received the good news which made the win extra special!

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Closing date: 4 July 2024
*In our Rollover Jackpot you have the chance of winning a maximum of £600 and minimum £150